The Alberta Race Car Association (ARCA) is a motorsport club.  

ARCA organized road race events primarily at the now closed Race City Motorsport Park in Calgary, Alberta.  We are currently organizing race events at the new track at Carstairs, Alberta - Rocky Mountain Motorsports.

We are committed to having safe, competitive and fair road racing events that ensures great racing for our competitors, their crew and family members.

ARCA also offer a very competition driving school each year. 

We teach the basics of high performance / competition driving to interested individuals.

ARCA is always on the lookout for new people to get involved in our sport.  We encourage them to get come out and join us in our fun.  

We teach the basics of flagging, communications, emergency response, timing and scoring and other positions to track workers.

Even though we have no track in Southern Alberta, we are actively involved with motorsports events in Gimli Manitoba, organized by the Winnipeg Sports Car Club  (WSCC) and Northern Alberta, organized by the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC).